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Keeping Your DFW Building Energy Efficient

Energy Management SystemsHarold James, Inc helps to bring balance to your environment by ensuring that your controls and energy management systems (EMS) work in congruence. HVAC Systems are often the single most expensive energy cost for a commercial user. Let us take a look at your HVAC system to see how we can help you reduce wasted energy and improve your heating and cooling capabilities.

We take a cost-per-square foot approach to assessing the performance of and need for an energy management system.  Harold James, Inc provides simple, dependable, HVAC energy management solutions and service in new construction or building renovations.

If your HVAC is performing well and your building has a good energy index, then you may not realize great benefits from installing energy management systems (EMS). Today’s building owners and managers have an increasing responsibility to address energy efficiency within their organizations.

At the same time, companies face growing pressure to set high standards of environmental and social performance. Building Automation Systems are mainly used in commercial HVAC control systems and energy management systems (EMS) applications. Building Automation itself is an energy management system which saves management companies and building owners by efficiently controlling air conditioning and heating comfort systems.

Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

Whether pneumatic, electronic or direct digital controls (DDC), our staff is ready to design, engineer and install systems tailored to the exact needs of our customers. Energy Management Systems / Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for the HVAC industry are technologically advanced control systems that are very different from those available just a few years ago.

Harold James, Inc is the leading expert in performing engineering, installation and servicing of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) for Energy Management Systems in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We can design management systems that are designed to empower our customers and give them the freedom to choose control components that make the most sense for their facility. It also gives them control over who has access to their systems and how they access those systems.

The capabilities and power of Energy Management Systems / Direct Digital Controls in the HVAC industry have increased dramatically in the past decade. These interfaces have been able to adopt the enhanced graphic capacities, the ability to offer much more information, and other enhancements of an accelerating technological base.

These unit controllers usually have analog and digital inputs that allow measurement of the variables (temperature, humidity, and/or pressure), and analog and digital outputs for control of the transport medium (hot/cold water and/or steam). The program features can include time schedules, setpoints, controllers, logic, timers, trend logs, and alarms. 

Many of our systems are available via the internet and can be accessed by customer’s computers and mobile devices, allowing for remote management of the system. So no matter where you are, you can see what's happening in your building, and make sure everything is working together in an energy efficient way. 

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