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Expert Commercial HVAC Service Since 1961

AffiliationsHarold James, Inc. is a family owned business providing mechanical services primarily to commercial, industrial and residential clients.  We have the experienced team of professionals to provide installation for your home or building.  Harold James Inc. pays attention to detail at the time of bidding the project, during construction, until completion of the project. And we are always transparent with our pricing. 

We strive to give each client fast, courteous service keeping each project on-budget and on-time. Harold James Inc. works closely with building owners and managers, as well as with subcontractors and general contractors. We will always do what it takes to make sure your HVAC system is running seamlessly.

Experienced HVAC Systems Professionals

The staff of highly-skilled professionals at Harold James, Inc. is thoroughly trained to detect problems before they become serious and to correct them in the most timely and cost efficient manner. In addition to installation and maintenance, the company uses its expertise and knowledge of both systems and equipment to make recommendations of the size and type of equipment to be most effective and efficient for each job. 

Every employee adheres to company guidelines and OSHA guidelines to ensure safety not only for themselves, but for those around them. The company has been family owned since 1961, making lifelong customers ever since. Harold James, Inc. is proud to answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are always here when you need HVAC assistance. 

History of Harold James, Inc

A Family Passion For Commercial HVAC Services

Harold James, founder of Harold James, Inc. began his HVAC career in the US Navy. After attending HVAC school during his years in the US Navy; Harold James started his long career in Fort Worth in 1949. He worked for Almar York and then Fortune Mechanical. He started Harold James, Inc. in 1961. Since the company's beginning, Harold James, Inc. has represented top-quality service to commercial, industrial and residential clients in Tarrant County, Texas and the surrounding areas. 

Harold's son David and his wife Mary purchased the company from Harold and took over the business in 1998. Harold James passed away in 2004. To continue with the tradition, David asked his son Chad James to come to work with him in 2013. It truly is a family passion. 

For several years, father and son have worked together, finding strength in the lessons Harold James taught them. Both agree that Harold never cut them any slack on the job just because they were related. In fact, they were pushed harder than most. "I've always told Chad, I went through the same thing. He's had it hard, but not as hard as me." David said. "He did it to make a better person out of me."

For more than six decades, Harold James, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business. The professionals at Harold James, Inc. will get to the root of the problem with your HVAC systems, no matter the age, no matter the brand, no matter the condition. You can trust that our experts will repair or replace your HVAC system, or install the newest technology, to keep it running like new for many years to come. 

"There is no such thing as it won't work. It's our job to make it work. If we can't make it work, they don't need us."

Harold James, Former Owner, Harold James, Inc.

The Harold James, Inc. Difference

DFW's Premiere HVAC Service For More Than 60 Years

Harold James, Inc is a family company in Fort Worth, Texas with a culture that drives us to continuously improve and do the utmost for our customers. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. You can trust us, just like thousands of our clients have trusted us with their commercial HVAC systems, for the last 6 decades. 

Harold James, Inc has been a leader in providing Fort Worth and Dallas with the best in HVAC service, repair, installation and technology. We can handle everything from top-to-bottom installations, retrofitting, furnace repair and installations, A/C conversions, geothermal systems, evaporative cooler repair, and more. We pride ourselves on being able to handle all of your heating and cooling needs with the best possible service you can find.

Our services Include Air Duct Cleaning, Central Air Repairs & Replacements, New Central Air Installations, Air Conditioning Systems, Condensing Units, Air Handling Units, Duct Work Repairs, Indoor Air Quality, Compressors & Chillers, Ventilation & Temporary Air, Temperature Control Systems, Chilled Water & Cooling Towers, 24 Hour Commercial Service, Maintenance & Service Contracts, Process & Control Wiring, Energy Management, Refrigeration & Ice Machines, Marine Refrigeration, and more! Our expertise and experience is unequaled in handling Commercial Air Conditioning installations and repairs.

When You Need HVAC Service, Repair, and Installation

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