Commercial and Industrial HVAC Repairs in DFW
Harold James, Inc provides maintenance, inspections, repairs, and installation of commercial heating and air conditioning systems. As we all know, the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex Area can get sweltering in the summer and also, at times, quite chilly in the winter. In order to avoid discomfort, it is important to ensure your HVAC systems are working properly beforehand. That’s where our heating and air conditioning professionals come in. Our crew members have both the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every heating and air conditioning unit, no matter the make or model, is running at peak performance.  When it comes to... Read The Rest
Keeping Your DFW Building Energy Efficient
Harold James, Inc helps to bring balance to your environment by ensuring that your controls and energy management systems (EMS) work in congruence. HVAC Systems are often the single most expensive energy cost for a commercial user. Let us take a look at your HVAC system to see how we can help you reduce wasted energy and improve your heating and cooling capabilities. We take a cost-per-square foot approach to assessing the performance of and need for an energy management system.  Harold James, Inc provides simple, dependable, HVAC energy management solutions and service in new construction or building renovations. If your HVAC is... Read The Rest
Protect The Inventory At Your Dallas-Fort Worth Food Service
The importance of keeping your refrigeration equipment operational 100% of the time cannot be minimized. Businesses experiencing losses in productivity and income because of spoiled product cannot continue to do business during these difficult economic times. Harold James, Inc can help by eliminating this worry, so owners can concentrate on other more important aspects of their business. Whether your need is a new installation, replacement equipment, repairs, or parts, we are there to provide the kind of prompt professional refrigeration service your business requires. Commercial Refrigeration Equipment (CRE) self-contained and remote condensing commercial refrigerators commercial freezers commercial refrigerator-freezers commercial ice-cream freezers self-contained commercial refrigerators with transparent doors... Read The Rest

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