Commercial Refrigeration Systems

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Commercial Refrigeration Systems Sales, Service and Installation The importance of keeping your refrigeration equipment operational 100% of the time cannot be minimized. Businesses experiencing losses in productivity and income because of spoiled product cannot continue to do business during these difficult economic times. Harold James, Inc can help by eliminating this worry, so owners can concentrate on other more important aspects of their business.

Whether your need is a new installation, replacement equipment, repairs, or parts, we are there to provide the kind of prompt professional refrigeration service your business requires.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment (CRE)

  • self-contained and remote condensing commercial refrigerators
  • commercial freezers
  • commercial refrigerator-freezers
  • commercial ice-cream freezers
  • self-contained commercial refrigerators with transparent doors designed for pull-down temperature applications

Harold James, Inc repairs and installs commercial refrigeration equipment that is used for food storage and merchandising purposes in the food retail industry (e.g., grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty food stores) and the food service industry (e.g., restaurants and cafeterias).

Commercial Refrigeration Systems Sales, Service and Installation 

Harold James, Inc specializes in the sales, service and installation of all commercial refrigeration systems in restaurants, commercial and industrial kitchens, supermarkets and convenience stores. Some of the refrigeration systems we offer include refrigerators, walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, drive-in coolers, ice machines, beer coolers, ice cream cabinets, wine rooms, prep stations. We also provide retrofitting.

Central refrigeration systems consist of refrigerated spaces connected to a remote condenser. These systems have the advantage of emitting waste heat outside of the conditioned space through the condenser. We're here to keep your refrigeration meeting health department standards and operating at peak efficiency.

Stand-alone refrigeration systems, often called merchandisers, usually have the case, evaporator and condenser packaged in a single unit, similar to your home refrigerator. These stand-alone units are commonly used in smaller facilities where a central refrigeration system is not justified.

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